Have Extra Tickets?

Excellent Tickets not only sells tickets but we consign tickets at well. Have extra tickets? Consignment is where you send us your tickets and rather than purchasing your tickets outright we allow you to post them on our website. Unlike the other guys we assist you in selling your tickets , we will help you determine a competitive price and you can contact us anytime for updates or price changes. The fee for consignment is 20% the sale price of your tickets. Excellent Tickets takes pride in providing our clients the best one on one service of any broker in Chicagoland.

3 easy steps to sell your tickets

  1. Download the consignment sheet
  2. Fill out consignment sheet
  3. Fax the consignment sheet (847)572-0889 and also email us at sales@excellenttickets.net

An Excellent Tickets representative will be contacting you shortly after completing the 3 steps listed above to assist you in determining the best selling price for your tickets.

Consignment Form